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When author Beatriz Roche Cisneros learned that Yelitza, one of her closest friends and guide throughout her life, was dying, she hopped on a plane to go and see her for the last time—or so she thought. Her friend passed away five days later—but then reappeared in a dream and later in Beatriz’s meditation. Yelitza told her about a name that was going to be very important in her life: Dharma.


A few days later, a conversation began while Beatriz channeled this highly evolved nonphysical consciousness. She encountered a series of questions and extraordinary answers, inviting us toward awakening to what really is—to universal truths and to self-discovery of limitless inner power. Now she shares what she learned as a receptor and translator for this energy. This text explores such topics as how the world was populated, how we perceive time, what dark and light forces exist in the universe, how we are absolute creators of our reality using our conscious and subconscious thoughts and emotions, and how loving ourselves is fundamental to everything.


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